Goodwood Revival 2015: fashion to be remembered

The iconic event relives the best of fashion's history, from the fifties to the nineties.

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The Goodwood Revival sees a parade of iconic vehicles that travel back in history to capture the best from the golden era, but  the period atmosphere is much more than just classic cars, fashion plays its key role, too, with visitors attending the event in vintage clothing and accesories.

This weekend thousands of visitors went down to the Goodwood Circuit  in full spirit, dressed in period clothing, channeling the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s - everything from rockers and to starched British Army officers.

Fashion and cars have long been intrinsically related - that era of motor racing was simply gold, full glamour. So we take a look at the best attires from this year's event to capture the atmosphere of the golden times of our past generations