How To Be Beautiful: It's all in the texture


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No matter the style, it's the texture of your hair that ultimately sets the tone. A sleek bob means business, but the same cut artlessly ruffled up is more likely to suggest bed.

Though we spend a lot of time trying to put moisture into our hair with conditioner and treatments, it's the texture of ever-so-slightly dry hair that you'll want if you're to emulate some of the most appealing styles currently in evidence on the catwalk and red carpet.

Up-dos and fishtail plaits, for instance, have a rougher finish, putting the emphasis on modern rather than old-school glamour.

For the lazy or simply cack-handed, this leaves a pleasingly wide margin for error when styling your hair, though it's worth remembering that authentic bedhead hair usually creates the impression of deep psychological turmoil rather than cool insouciance.

So start with nice clean tresses and rough it up with a spray, cream or mousse depending on the level of hold you're after.