How To Be Beautiful: Pin the ponytail


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Once, the ponytail was the ultimate non-style in the world of hair; a practical solution rather than a conscious coiffing choice. Then, mysteriously, this humble do began popping up all over the spring catwalks, conferring proper style status and establishing the ponytail as the height of follicular fashion this season.

It would be comforting to think that the hotshot hair artistes simply turned up late and thought – like so many of us when short on time and inspiration – "Sod it. Just put it in a ponytail." However, the 2012 iteration is a higher-octane affair, and accordingly requires more effort.

At one end of the spectrum it is super-sleek and scraped-back – a handy option for a bad hair day, although you'll need to be having a seriously good face day. At the other it's more forgiving: loose and low with bags of texture, which the products below will dutifully supply.

Secure with leather cord for a properly chic finish, or just obscure an elastic band by wrapping a lock of hair around it. Scrunchies, however, remain in the style wilderness.