DKNY's lattice leather and tulle circle skirt, £265,


White in summer. Makes sense. But I thought things were taking a turn for the dark this season?

True, there are a lot of sombre shades around for the (presumed) warm weather. But most fashion revolutions contain a counter-revolution, so no surprise that the other end of the spectrum is here.

Ooh… can I break out the old Liz Hurley-style white jeans?

That's a posh people thing, not fashion, so no, not unless you live a similarly irrelevant Hamptons-on-the-Wold lifestyle.

What's the overall vibe then?

Technical-look fabrics and utilitarian shapes make white futuristic. Or you can go romantic and retro, adding contrasting accessories or resolutely 2013 materials. DKNY's lattice leather and tulle circle skirt (above, £265, has something of both moods, while Hobbs' ivory Lawrence dress from the NW3 range – an easy tee shape with a subtle punched-out pattern (£139, – could be a summer staple (as long as you don't use public transport).

To tan or not to tan?

Either. But white will highlight uneven tone. Also note that this is a bit like wearing a giant colour chart for your teeth, so maybe avoid if yours aren't pearly. Having said that, your dentist will endorse head-to-toe white, since it precludes the consumption of all coloured food and drink.