How to Get the Look: Autumn coats


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New coat time. The only silver lining at the end of summer.

For many of us Brits, a new coat is a joy forever – or at least for a couple of autumns. Personally speaking, I'm loath to take my coat off between September and June for anything other than washing and sleeping.

Guess that would make even a Burberry mac a low cost-per-wear item.

If only. Although I've always thought the classic trench a little exaggerated as a suits-all. This may be because much of my wardrobe is the colour of Newport on a wet day, hence why I need something way more zingy than beige to compensate.

What are you suggesting?

This electric-blue, single-breasted felted wool number from Bruuns Bazaar is beautiful, bold and not bad value to boot (£349, I like the idea of wearing it with Bruuns' matchy blue jumper, but it's also available in black if you're dull or your palette is, in fact, "Newport on a wet day".

Something a little less austere cut-wise?

Trenches aside, Burberry's burgundy Manningford coat looks wonderfully fluid, with just the right level of oversized-ness to seem casually chic when belted. Worth committing some kind of non-violent crime for (£995,