How to get the look: Personalisation


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As in 'your name here'?

Since it's gift-giving season, I was rather thinking about somebody else's name there. Emblazoning something with your own name only seems appropriate if you're called Narcissus. Then again, we do live in the age of the selfie.

Isn't personalisation for tweens and Starbucks cups?

Sure, there's something childish in the pleasure of spelling out your name – whether in pendants or Alphabetti Spaghetti. But with serious fashionistas partial to auto-celebratory accessories – see Italian high priestess of style Anna Dello Russo and her Anna-emblazoned clutches – it's legitimate for big kids, too.

OK, what have you got for the grown-ups, then?

These hand-engraved initial bracelets come plated in silver or rose gold, with a brushed or shiny finish, and err on the most subtle side of personalisation (£44,

And for the unsubtle?

Make like a "gap yah" school-leaver and have a hoodie printed in a variety of ways with your name or nickname at (uncustomised "Flash" print, pictured above). A nickname is better for demonstrating popularity, even if you're the one who demands everyone address you as "The Boss". Model Poppy Delevingne has "Popdog" on hers, but remember that few can get away with canine references.