How to get the look: Posh backpacks


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Aaah sweet, sweet evenly distributed weight.

Yes, after bearing the burden on one shoulder all these years, there is hope that you may make it to your retirement with a slightly straighter spine thanks to the recent vogue for the backpack. Your chiropractor will approve.

Excuse me, I've had a backpack for biking to the supermarket for years.

Ah, the trusty Berghaus, how very normcore. But I presume you didn't take said bag to business meetings or cocktail parties?

No. But I haven't been invited to something officially designated a cocktail party since 1998.

All right, it's theoretical. But should such an invitation arrive, you'd be perfectly fine with one of the new generation of sleek leather backpacks. The Pashli from 3.1 Philip Lim, for instance, makes as much of a statement as any ladylike clutch (above, £740,

More than fine. I'd free up a hand for two drinks at once. Which I'd need if I'd just dropped £700 on the favoured accessory of the foreign-exchange student.

OK, so that's the luxe model taken to its ultimate form. For something slightly less likely to require a stiff drink before reviewing the receipt, I'd recommend Reiss's "Violet" quilted number (£295,, which converts from shoulder bag to backpack with ease.