Fair Isle Angela sweater from NW3 at Hobbs, £79, hobbs.co.uk


What happened to the Christmas jumper?

We're always going to have a soft spot for an oversized pudding or reindeer, but the classic look-what-my-auntie-gave-me jumper has been divested of novelty status by ubiquity recently. (It was the moment they became available on Groupon.)

But all those acrylic fibres were so warm and cosy!

True, there's nothing so toasty as a polyester-viscose mix on a cold winter's night. Except maybe a nice, breathable bit of lambswool, which is partly why we like this Fair Isle Angela sweater from NW3 at Hobbs (£79, hobbs.co.uk, above). The other reason is that it's patterned in a way that's faintly festive, but perennially pretty.

True, I'll still be wearing that in March.

Bravo, now we're on the same cost-per-wear page. Not to get all worthy on you, but enough throwaway items are bought at this time of year as it is. Snowflaky Nordic knits needn't be mothballed along with the decorations, but they're not in quite the right spirit for spring.

Any other options?

For similarly subtle seasonal appeal, go for texture; Italian label Ganni has a lovely angora bobbled knit in burgundy that's currently half-price (£68, my-wardrobe.com).