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London's favourite design trio Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery are the creative force behind Sibling's fabulous knits

Pom-poms are never bad taste, and always put you in a good mood – so say London's favourite design trio Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery, the creative force behind Sibling's fabulous knits. In their enthusiasm for the fluff stuff, they whip pom-poms of all sizes into everything – sometimes all you need is to simply add a ribbon to this bouncy accessory. Fluffily versatile.


Tape measure
Crochet hook


1. Take your compass, pencil and tape measure and draw a circle, say 6cm radius, on your piece of card, then repeat with inner circle of 2cm radius. Repeat to create two identical circles.

2. Cut the two circles out, and carefully slice out the inner circle so you are left with two rings.

3. Place the card rings together and take your wool. Start to wind the wool, reasonably tightly, through and round until the ring is covered. Keep winding till entire ring is evenly covered in wool, and the central hole has nearly closed in.

4. Take your crochet needle and pull a loop and thread your wool through to cast off, knot and cut.

5. You now need to open the rings. Slide scissors between two circles of cardboard and carefully snip the outer edge, as if prising apart two pieces of bread to find nothing in the sandwich.

6. Once fully snipped, draw long piece of wool between the two circles and tie and knot tightly around the stitches that meet in the centre.

7. Cut and pull off the cardboard rings – voila! Job done.

8. Prune your wool ball until round and fluffy, and your pom-pom is ready. Now repeat until your pom-pom statement is complete.

This is an exclusive preview from 'Make Life Beautiful' by Camilla Morton, published autumn 2015 by Hutchinson/Random House