Danny Packer likes the individuality of vintage stores / Abbie Trayler-Smith, Pixeleys Photography

Occupation: City account manager, by day/guitar and vocals, L'Aristocrats, by night
Age: 22
Personal style: Indie guitar man

James Sherwood: By day you're an account manager in the City, so I presume you're suited and booted. By whom, may I ask?

Danny Packer: Nothing special. Just TopMan, Next... But that's not what I'd call the real me.

JS: No, the real you is as a band member of L'Aristocrats. I'm reliably informed you play "throbbing angst rock taking on Joy Division or mayhap Bloc Party". So tell me why you feel real in what you're wearing.

DP: The look, whether I'm performing or not, is a pair of slim-fitting jeans, and a T-shirt or shirt worn with a cardigan or a tailored jacket. The T-shirt I'm wearing here is All Saints; it's printed with skull and flame motifs.

JS: Probably indicative of what you'd like to do with your work suits. But, as an advocate of British tailoring, may I point out that you make the tailored jacket rock?

DP: Thank you. I bought it at a vintage shop on Kingly Court just off Carnaby Street.

JS: What draws you to vintage stores?

DP: I like the individuality of it; you're guaranteed a one-off.

JS: Get it while you can, Dan. I'm of the firm opinion that London's vintage stores are drying up now that an entire generation has embraced retro fashion. I like the knotted scarf. It lifts your look from street to stage. Is it a signature?

DP: Not yet. It's just something I felt like wearing. I try not to think too much about "image". It's more what I'd like to wear than how it's perceived.

JS: That rock-star mane must be controversial in the City.

DP: Long hair is something I've liked for years and I have no intention of cutting it.

JS: The inevitable question: who's going to win the battle for your soul? The City or music?

DP: You have to ask?


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