The week's top five most popular sporting trends on April 20 as selected by include new poster campaigns for media and sports equipment companies, Team USA's official basketball shoe, and the continuing fashion for pairing photoshoot models with bulky American Football armor.

1) Hybrid Sportsvertising gallery
A series of poster adverts for various sports companies such as ESPN, Arena, Intersport, to whet the appetite for a summer of commercial creativity. Launching the gallery with an arresting image of a shark-toothed swimmer, none of these pictures are likely to appear on anytime soon.

2) Tropical Fish Court Kicks
Nike's new basketball shoe, the Hyperfuse Aqua, have a bold turquoise design reminiscent of a tropical fish's fins and scales. The sports shoes will be worn by Team USA at the FIBA World Championships in Turkey in late August / early December.

3) Fashionable Football Editorials
Continuing the trend spotted last week in Italy's Elle magazine, Korea's edition of Vogue adorns its models with protective clothing to accompany the latest styles.

4) 25 Marathon-Ready Innovations
Picking up on interest surrounding the Boston Marathon (April 19, 2010), one of five World Marathon Majors, Trendhunters draw attention to running skirts, fancy dress, super-supportive shoes and a stowaway treadmill among other things.

5) Wipeout-Free Skateboards
A transparent polycarbonate skateboard offers a new kind of leisure experience. Taking its cue from snowboarding, the rider's shoes slip under rugged bindings attached to the board, allowing jumps to be made with relative ease.