Picture Father Christmas sporting a leather biker jacket or a sports luxe look

What if Santa could ditch his big red jackets with furry white cuffs for the latest designer collections?

Thanks to design studio Joint London, now he can. Father Christmas got a high end designer makeover and is seen wearing a number of different looks by leading fashion houses such as Alexander Wang, Saint Laurent and Kenzo, in a series of illustrations that drags him into the 21st century generation.

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Just picture the iconic festive figure sporting Saint Laurent’s skinny jeans and leather biker jacket, or a colourful full Kenzo outfit combined with a zebra print cap, or even a sport luxe look by Wang. Surprisingly, Santa carries these designer looks very well – he even got the bushy ‘hipster beard’.

With these illustrations consider the Christmas card for your fashion pal, sorted.

Download all the illustrations from their website in exchange for a Facebook or Twitter post.