The hair & make-up

Gemma Hayward: I have to confess that I prefer her hair flowing as Homeland's Carrie Mathison to this Elvis-like updo. She doesn't look very comfortable in her skin – maybe she hasn't taken her anti-psychotics!

Hugh Montgomery: Given that Danes' usual coiffure is all about straight-down pragmatism, we're glad to see her letting her hair up in the form of such a swish backcomb.

The necklace

Gemma: Top marks for the oversized geometric jewellery, which happens to be very fashionable right now – it looks like a designer breastplate.

Hugh: Truly, this giant gold amulet is the Carrie Mathison of necklaces: bold and mesmeric without being so ungenerously attention-grabbing as to detract from a top-drawer ensemble.

The shoes

Gemma: The point of nude-tone shoes is to elongate the leg, but the gold horizontal ankle strap rather defeats the purpose here.

Hugh: Just ritzy enough: basically, this outfit is so hot, it should be pasted into the "Down with demure starlettiness" primer for aspiring red-carpet-walkers with immediate effect.

The dress

Gemma: It doesn't get ruder than a red leather dress, but the fact that it is neither micro-mini nor skintight makes it cool rather than slutty.

Hugh: That this crinkly number manages to be right-on rock'n'roll rather than Stevenage swinger is testament to the wearer's enviable elegance.