Style shrinks: Our experts analyse actress Rosamund Pike's startling day out at the polo


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The hair/make-up

Gemma Hayward: This natural beauty doesn't need a lot of slap, and I like the nude-coloured lippie took, but the hairstyle dates her – let your hair down, love.

Hugh Montgomery: Yes, we agree about the staid up-do, a style that should henceforth be known as "a Burford beehive" for its suitability for Cotswold weddings.

The dress

Gemma: Designer Mary Katrantzou is a name to be reckoned with at present, but that doesn't mean she's for everyone. Pike doesn't look at ease in this extravagant print.

Hugh: Oh dear, it seems Pike's recent foray into rubbish 3D films, vis-à-vis Wrath of the Titans, has rubbed off on her fashion sense, judging by the unfortunate immersiveness of this nausea-inducing print.

The shoes

Gemma: She matched her shoes to the pink in the pattern of her dress, but that doesn't make them nice; she should have gone for a modern pair of black heels to downplay such a statement dress.

Hugh: Agreed: unlike the bag, this Minnie-Mouse-worthy spotty-pink footwear is an extra layer of jolly that this outfit really didn't need.

The bag

Gemma: Another novelty lip-shaped bag. How very original.

Hugh: Harsh words, indeed, Gemma! Come on, what's wrong with falling back on a bit of jolly if oxymoronically familiar novelty fashion once in a while? (So says the man with the prized Pepto Bismol T-shirt.)