Style shrinks Our experts analyse Beyoncé's tribute to John Lennon


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The hat

Gemma Hayward: Mrs Z isn't the first celebrity to grace these pages wearing a fedora, but I do hope she's the last. Hats worn with sunglasses are far too "look at me": leave the hat on the stand, love; everyone will be looking at you anyway.

Hugh Montgomery: This classic, wide-brim fedora might suggest the R&B queen tipping a hat to legendary PI Philip Marlowe, were it not for the garish sartorial criminality of the rest of the ensemble.

The outfit

Gemma: Beyoncé is bang-on with the latest trends here: neon colours and graphic prints. While most would look Cinderella pre-glass-slipper in this patchwork silk skirt, she is every bit the belle of the ball.

Hugh: That this confused combo manages to be both loud and drab is a mystery only surpassed by that Tricky cameo during her Glasto set.

The shoes

Gemma: Maybe the towering heels are being left for the stage now she's a mum – or maybe she just hasn't had time for a pedi? Either way, strappy sandals would have done more to complement this colourful outfit.

Hugh: An incongruously sober reminder that even the world's premier stiletto-dancer needs to flat it out sometimes.

The sunglasses

Gemma: She's taken inspiration from John Lennon in her glasses choice, and that's no bad thing; if you're not wearing 1950s-style shades this season, round is the shape to sport.

Hugh: I beg to differ – even someone as bold and beautiful as Ms Knowles cannot wholly get away with shades as self-consciously wacky as an Innocent smoothie tagline.