Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Bianca Jagger's outfit for a night out at the opera


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The hair/make-up

Gemma Hayward: Bianca's still rocking a Rolling Stones red lip – and why not when she wears it so well? It just so happens to be an autumn trend, too.

Hugh Montgomery: The assertively swept do, Cruella De Vil eyebrows and slash of lippy are all conspiring to leave us cowering in critical submission, somehow.

The accessories

Gemma: Yet more statements with the classic panther Cavalli cuff and oversized jewel ring. And quite right – this outfit is crying out for a little bit of bling.

Hugh: The flashy bangles perfectly complete a trans-European look straddling the line between Bohemia and the Rivieria.

The outfit

Gemma: Jagger excels where many others fail by making a kaftan look good. And with the striking digital print, she's avoided looking like a Big Top.

Hugh: Jagger likes a cause, and what better than that to cement J-Lo's 2000 palm-print Grammies dress as a historic sartorial touchstone?

The shoes

Gemma: Jewel-encrusted gold slippers complete that starlet look: she looks like she's just stepped off the boat from Capri, rather than out for a night in Salzburg, but one must always look one's best.

Hugh: Trust a Studio 54 icon to push the boat out with an asymmetric foot display.