Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Debbie Harry's New Rave washing-up outfit


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The hair/make-up

Gemma Hayward: At first glance I thought this was Jack Nicholson in drag – it must be the sunglasses. But I'm still in love with her blond(i)e wispy rock-chick hair.

Hugh Montgomery: A stinging rebuke to the straightened manes that pass for hair on today's pop landscape.

The accessories

Gemma: No, they aren't Marigolds, they're pink leather gloves. Of course they are.

Hugh: Although there is something in Harry's aloof expression which says, "Let me finish the bloody washing-up, because Broadchurch is on at nine."

The outfit

Gemma: This dress/jacket hybrid is actually pretty great – it could even be a Comme des Garçons creation. What's less great is the sleeveless hoodie worn over the top.

Hugh: Clearly this is the result of an extensive game of wardrobe roulette.

The shoes

Gemma: I love the sock marks on her ankles more than her bubblegum shoes, which she must have had since the 1980s.

Hugh: These fluoro sandals are what happen when your stripling of a stylist confuses "New Wave" with "New Rave".