The hair/make up

Gemma Hayward: We're not used to seeing Emma with her hair swept up and such defined lashes, but she pulls it off, though I can't help thinking this hair/make-up combo would suit a dressier outfit.

Hugh Montgomery: The stuff that indie film festivals are made of: from the slick hairdo to the Gitanes-smoky peepers, she screams rebel-with-a-cause – that cause being "Get me a lo-fi dramedy about a damaged ingenue, NOW."

The jacket

Gemma: A bit uptight in shape and the harsh leather is a mismatched pairing with the sweetness of what's going on beneath it.

Hugh: The peplum – aka the ruffled, flared-out bottom bit – is, apparently, totally on-trend, and yet we can't help thinking that a leather jacket ultimately looks cooler without its own leather valance.

The shirt/skirt

Gemma: What a charming print on this Miu Miu skirt and buttonless blouse combo, which is very on-trend in both colour in style. Hugh: We've cracked it: Ms Watson's look is totally Winona Ryder circa Reality Bites i.e. grungy but twee and ideal for both rampant angstifying and wistful mooning.

The bag

Gemma: She's obviously a car-to-red-carpet kind of girl, so no need for the big bag to hold the obligatory flat shoes, make-up, house keys, phone, kitchen sink.

Hugh: Pink snakeskin? There can only be one response and that, in the words of some long-departed E4 announcer, is chuffing fabulous.