Style shrinks: Our experts analyse 'Girls' star Allison Williams' just-so shimmer


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The hair/make-up

Rebecca Gonsalves: This sleek helmet of hair undoubtedly completes the polished overall look, but a few loose tendrils may have made a more youthful, impression

Hugh Montgomery: So 'hipster today, Hepburn tomorrow'

The dress

Rebecca: This perfectly fitted metallic dress manages to be discreetly flashy rather than trashy

Hugh: So brilliantly shimmery, this makes us want to disco dance

The bag

Rebecca: The ornate gilded pattern ensures this isn't mistaken for an oddly formed appendage from the wrong angle

Hugh: So subtle and delicate, it's less a handbag, more a palm supplement

The shoes

Rebecca: A Sabatier-sharp pointed toe – how to wear a nude heel without looking like Kate Middleton at a wedding

Hugh: Everything is so just-so, in fact, we're a bit concerned: is she secretly an 'SATC' girl at heart?