Style shrinks: Our experts analyse January Jones's trip back to the 1960s


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The hair/make-up

Gemma Hayward: Not shaking off her Betty character, this bouffant 'do sits well. True, she'd fit in better if it was still the 1960s, but blending in could never look this good.

Hugh Montgomery: We believe this wonderful hair style could be hiding: a) an emergency Twix b) the secret to Hollywood stardom c) the ending of Mad Men.

The coat

Gemma: There is nothing I hate more than people wearing coats on shoulders to fashion shows. Put your arms in, love: you'll only annoy the person sitting next to you with your flappy sleeves. And you look like an idiot.

Hugh: An armless coat and mysteriously floating bag? Basically, it's an Escher drawing made into clothes.

The outfit

Gemma: If her coat-cape wasn't pretentious enough, Ms Jones has gone and worn shorts on a chilly Parisian day. She doesn't look ridiculous in them, mind: those pins put everyone in their place. Behind her.

Hugh: Fabulous, even as it looks like the highly imaginary uniform of a fashion-world burger joint.

The accessories

Gemma: The bubble-gum-pink handbag is as cute as she is. With those tinted glasses and platform shoes, she could almost pass for a pretty Elton John. Groovy.

Hugh: What would Betty Draper not do? These. (That's a good thing, BTW.)