Making a statement: Karen Gillan / Getty Images


The hair/lack thereof

Rebecca Gonsalves: A shaven head is quite the statement, and in this case it says that Gillan would do anything for her art. A full face of slap looks a bit odd next to a stubbly scalp, though.

Hugh Montgomery: That's the grin of someone who's just shaved their head and – result! – found out that they have no stray indents.

The t-shirt

Rebecca: Daisy, daisy rather than anything hippy-dippy – she is in California after all – the sweet flowers scream 1990s club kid in this incarnation.

Hugh: Good choice for an actress trying to break America: which is to say it's totally Manic-Pixie-Dream-Sundance- Indie-Comedy Girl.

The shorts

Rebecca: She's certainly got the figure for them, but the colour looks a little dated – better suited to the beach than an expo centre.

Hugh: "And lo, one can never go wrong with Denim High-Waisted Cut-Offs," 6:13, Celeb Fashion Bible.

The boots

Rebecca: Chunky, buckled bovver boots provide the finishing flourish on this old-school raving get-up – it's just a shame that they swamp the actress's delicate ankles.

Hugh: Ah, but these gravity-boot-ish numbers do fit the Comic-Con setting.