Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Mel B's Barbarella-meets-Mr-Whippy look


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The dress

Rebecca Gonsalves: These days, showing a bit of digital nous is commendable; doing so by dressing like a motherboard however, is not.

Hugh Montgomery: It's Ancient Egypt meets Outer Space! It's Barbarella meets 'Stargate'! It looks like it might be a bit sweaty in the current climate. Poor Mel.

The hair/make-up

Rebecca: You know what they say: the higher the hair, the closer to God. Just not sure whether Scary is evangelical about anything more than a good spritz of Elnett.

Hugh: Too occupied with trying to label this 'do – a melted Mr Whippy? – to be able to move on to a full critical appreciation.

The jewellery

Rebecca: A few discreet pieces of chunky metallic jewellery set off the burnished tones in Mel's mosaic mini-dress and barnet without labouring a heavy metal theme.

Hugh: A proper, non-digital wristwatch! Making us nostalgic for temps perdu in all the ways 'Viva Forever' failed to do.

The shoes

Rebecca: The return of strappy stiletto sandals must have sent stocks in blister plasters soaring – luckily, none are peeping out from this elegant pair – but they're a bit dainty for such a fierce look.

Hugh: Nice and unremarkable. If these were a Spice Girls song, they'd probably be 'Mama'. Definitely not '2 Become 1'.