Green goddess: Actress Oona Chaplin / Rex Features


The hair/make-up

Rebecca Gonsalves: What's nicer than a messy bun and a natural make-up look on a hot summer's day?

Hugh Montgomery: So understated! And joyous! Unlike that thing in that TV show we do not speak of (hurrah!/Oh god/NO SPOILERZ)

The shoes

Rebecca: Ahh, a pair of PBPs (plain black pumps), the workhorse of any partygoer's wardrobe.

Hugh: These are fine. And benefit from being neither red nor suitable for a wedding (hurrah!/Oh god/NO SPOILERZ )

The jumpsuit

Rebecca: The all- in-one is definitely having a red-carpet moment, and this is a suitably jazzy affair – it looks like something from the "Dynasty" wardrobe archive.

Hugh: The jumpsuit is up there with the anchovy and the Volvo estate in the pantheon of failsafe items, right?

The accessories

Rebecca: Loving the baroque belt buckle, but did she cycle to the event and stash her hi-vis and helmet in the tote bag? How else to explain such a mismatch?

Hugh: You say "mismatch", I say "juxtaposition"