Pretty in pink: Pixie Geldof / Rex Features


The hair/make-up

Gemma Hayward: A pixie crop for Pixie, and there couldn't be a more flattering haircut for her. Not just anyone can pull off such an extreme chop. Bravo!

Hugh Montgomery: Pixie looks indisputably great with a pixie cut but such concerted brand extension is a bit de trop for our tastes.

The bag

Gemma: She's matched her extra-long talons to her clutch bag. And why not? It works perfectly.

Hugh: So utterly well matched, it transcends even "so well-matched it's too well-matched" status.

The dress

Gemma: This powder-pink outfit goes to show that often simple is best. It's on the right side of clingy and the length is respectable. Doesn't she look all grown up?

Hugh: Basically an audition for the next series of Mad Men in an outfit: now to work on that "proto-feminist epiphany" expression.

The shoes

Gemma: Hologram shoes tells us her finger – or should that be her toe – is on the fashion pulse. And pointy toes, too… Miss Geldof is on fire!

Hugh: Given their evocation of that primary-school staple, the holographic stationery set, we can only love these.