Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Salma Hayek's Transformer-tive 1970s look


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The hair

Rebecca Gonsalves: A subtle hint of Hayek's jet-set lifestyle comes through in the artfully sun-lightened tips of these glossy curls. It's safe to say no Sun-In was involved in the making of this barnet.

Hugh Montgomery: A bit Charlie's Angels – as much as it pains us to say those two words, lest they inspire any more reboots.

The shades

Rebecca: Oversized aviators or glaucoma goggles – it's hard to tell, but at least the latter would explain the unfortunate choice of jumpsuit.

Hugh: Yes to the aviators, aka the current sunglasses frame du summer.

But for extra zeitgeist points, they really should be mirrored.

The jewellery

Rebecca: The chunky links and old gold tone are a step in the right direction but the height of the pendant should be adjusted, as should her bra.

Hugh: Chunky not clunky. Funky not junky. OK, we'll stop there.

The outfit

Rebecca: An unkind commentator might start humming a song by the California Raisins at the sight of the diminutive actress drowning in swathes of grape.

Hugh: The blockish cut of the trousers rather makes Hayek look like a 1970s Transformer. Make of that what you will.