Style Shrinks: Our experts analyse songbird Rita Ora's Notting Hill swagger


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The Hair/Make-up

Gemma Hayward: She isn't one for au naturel – she likes her hair to look done (in this case tonged) and her make-up bold. No dreadlocks, though, Reet?

Hugh Montgomery: Budding famous sorts, be warned: you are nothing, but nothing, in 2012 without a pair of 1950s sunglasses. Rita, Azealia and Lana have decreed it so.

The Accessories

Gemma: The cannabis leaf pendants and Jamaica flag socks were not just a coincidence – oh no, this girl has thought about her look. She's even added a ganja badge or two for good measure.

Hugh: Proof that you should never confuse a Camden market stallholder for a stylist.

The Outfit

Gemma: If you or I attempted to dress in a head-to-toe flag outfit for Carnival, we would look loony. But while she shouldn't stand near a naked flame, Rita looks totally hot. Hugh: Though she does look rather pristine, given the surroundings: where are the jerk sauce splats?

The shoes

Gemma: I'm kind of disappointed that these aren't flag- or drug-themed, but then again, she didn't want to look over the top.

Hugh: Nice shoes but a word for the "How We Do (Party)" girl – if you're trying to project hedonism unbound, colour co-ordinating your socks and top is never the answer.