Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Tess Daly's Bafta tribute to the Golden Age


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The hair/make-up

Rebecca Gonsalves: Side-swept waves and a strong red lip – the Old Hollywood glam look is a fail-safe for the slightly sun-kissed celebrity.

Hugh Montgomery: Tess's tresses: it's a suburban salon waiting to happen.

The earrings

Rebecca: Don't be scared by the rocks that she got – the Art Deco design of her huge pendant earrings keeps the Golden Age going.

Hugh: If caterpillars did Art Deco.

The dress

Rebecca: Bell sleeves are an odd addition, while sheer ruffles are never going to stand up to the windswept tundra of a British red carpet.

Hugh: Is this the mythic "Gatsby glam" they speak of? Well, bless her for bringing a forgotten novel into focus.

The bag

Rebecca: This is where things start to go wrong – has she stashed her lippy and house keys in a giant sea urchin?

Hugh: Either an off-cut from a Strictly cha-cha-cha dress or a chillaxing crow. You decide.