Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Wimblemum Judy Murray's crowning glory


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The dress

Rebecca: There's more than a whiff of Princess Di, the Dodi years, about this floor length Jenny Packham razzle-dazzler.

Hugh: Glittery, triumphal, and perfect proud-mum dressing. Just like ours would have worn had we ever won anything.

The hair

Rebecca: Super- sleek and platinum; a stellar version of the crop that appears mandatory for women of a certain age these days.

Hugh: I'm not sure why BBC Breakfast news devoted a whole segment to Judy's newly undyed hair recently when all they they needed to say was: fierce.

The accessories

Rebecca: The problem with a dinky clutch is that you can't fit all your belongings inside – dancing around piles of stuff spoils the effect.

Hugh: Bit disappointed that she hasn't taken any style inspiration from Wimbledon bud Grace Jones. A hula hoop would have been ace.

The shoes

Rebecca: I would have preferred to see a slender metallic sandal poking out from beneath this hem, but perhaps her tennis-shoe toes are best only peeping out.

Hugh: Look, we're just not going to criticise Judy. We won't, we can't, we shan't.