Susannah Frankel: 'Since the rain started falling life has just been one long bad hair day'


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Just as it is unlikely that I will ever be found lovingly applying Ronseal to my garden shed door of a Saturday afternoon, so weatherproofing my hair has never been on my agenda. But what with the rain... Suffice it say that for the past two months – or at least since the deluge began – for me, life has just been one long bad hair day. All the trusty steeds of my beauty bag will not soften my unruly curls or the unruly curls of my friends. Our misery is complete.

Umbrella or no, the moisture in the air wreaks merry havoc, causing even the most lustrous ringlets to transform into a halo of frizz by the time I reach my desk. "You could wear a hat," one helpful colleague suggests. I could, I suppose, if I didn't mind looking like Mr McHenry on The Magic Roundabout.

And so it is that I turn, once again, to master trichologist, Philip Kingsley, and specifically to Weatherproof Hairspray, for help. It's early days, admittedly, but where every other product has failed, this one's sealed my hair, protecting it from the elements in only a matter of seconds and making it almost glossy to boot.

I feel like a particularly perky and unusually fluffy duck. Rain? What rain? It's as repelled by my tresses as I am repelled by it. There's not a trace of halo to be seen. More good news: Weatherproof Hairspray protects from all conditions – from driving hail to blistering sunshine. It's not sticky/crunchy/oily (delete as applicable), promises medium (ie, not helmet-head) hold and claims to "extend the life of colour-treated hair". In fact, this product is so great, I'm contemplating spraying it on my garden shed door this weekend. Well, I would do if I had a garden shed door. Or even just a garden shed for that matter.

Susannah Frankel is Fashion Editor of 'The Independent'