Susannah shops: Lanvin's cat-print pyjamas are super-cute at the not-so-cute price of £1,500


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Pyjamas are fashionable just now. And – crazily enough – they're designed to be worn outside. Thank you JW Anderson, Pucci and Stella McCartney for that. I think I'll stick to wearing pyjamas indoors, though, apart from the odd occasion when I throw on an overcoat and go out to buy Sunday papers.

I do also have a pair of wide-legged black trousers designed by Haider Ackermann who once described them as being "like pyjamas". But he meant louche and easy-to-wear, presumably. Suffice it to say that they're not winceyette and there's no drawstring waist. I prefer more structure to even the most fluid of garments than that.

Time was, pyjama buying was a simple affair. I grew up wearing oversized men's striped cotton ones bought at M&S. Lately, however, the fashion industry has upped its game. Last season's Lanvin cat-print pyjamas were super-cute at the not so super-cute price of around £1,500. New this season are Equipment silk pyjamas – but they're no snip at over £400. Then there are Margaret Howell's, which are admirable for their adherence to the menswear tradition – no attempt is made to sex up these babies – and for the quality of the fabric. They weigh in at £300.

And so now it's time to stop being bitter about what I can't have and share with you the relative accessibility of Bodas pyjamas, left, my current sleepwear of choice, a positive bargain at £80-ish a pair. In fact, I only buy the bottoms (a mere £35) and wear them with a vest (price long forgotten) and that's not because I'm a cheapskate but because both pyjama top and bottom is a bit too voluminous for my liking.

Susannah Frankel is Fashion Editor of 'The Independent'