£119, prettyballerinas.com


We love… Pretty Campers

The Spanish-based compadres Pretty Ballerinas and Camper have teamed up this season to produce a limited-edition collection of shoes showcasing the unique design aesthetic of both houses. Think the classic Pretty Ballerinas' shapes with the sporty soles and elasticated strap detailing of Camper.

£119, prettyballerinas.com

We're saving up for… Charity bags

Get your bidding fingers at the ready, because Fendi is this week launching a charity auction of Peekaboo handbags. Each one has been specially created by iconic women, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Tracey Emin. All proceeds are donated to the Kids Company charity. fendi.com

We can't wait for… Arty scents

Some of Jo Malone's best-loved fragrances are getting a makeover, thanks to a collaboration with artists Calm and Collected, who have transformed the packaging into works of art. Almost too pretty to use. £82, exclusive to selfridges.com

£82, exclusive to selfridges.com

We're buying… Lady in red

Now's the time to shed your winter coat and emerge into spring colours, and you can't get much brighter than Wallis's Crimson collection. The second drop of the premium W line is an explosion of colour.

From £35, wallis.co.uk

We're not sure about… Kiddy cagoules

£30, kigu.co.uk

Kigu made its name with animal onesies, but in consideration of the likelihood of a slightly damp British summer, it's branched out into rain wear with waterproof animal-themed ponchos. Might just be a festival essential.

£30, kigu.co.uk