The Fashion Audit: Skin tight, Commando Red Carpet and Swinging Santa

What we love, we're not sure about, we're buying and can't wait for...

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We love: Skin tight

Bodycon bandage dresses have thankfully gone the way of the D-listers who wore them, but the principle behind the WAG favourite has been put to good use in MiH’s new skinny jeans.

Designed using snazzy new technology that makes the denim ultra-stretchy, the “Bodycon” style will smooth out lumps and bumps to help create a sleek silhouette. £185,

We’re not sure about: Commando red carpet     

Relatively unknown actress Jaimie Alexander attempted to rectify that fact by appearing at the LA premiere of Thor in an Azzaro dress that left little to the imagination. A curved sheer panel ensured anyone in the vicinity (or with a working internet connection and a fondness for Hollywood gossip) was suddenly very familiar with her body of work.

We’re buying: Bags of style    

Buying a new handbag can be bafflingly difficult – do you throw yourself on the mercy of your bank manager for the price of some designer-label leather, or avoid penury and opt for a brief fling with a high-street hero? Now there’s a third way, as’s label Iris & Ink is launching a line of sleek accessories with staying power. Hoxton clutch £150,

We can’t wait for: Swinging Santa

Next Thursday, Carnaby Street will be swinging again, with live music, free drinks and goodie bags as well as a 20 per cent discount on stocking fillers. 14 November,