Toiletries: How posh are Posh's paws?


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A recommendation from Victoria Beckham has got to be like gold dust for any brand. So no doubt after her recent tweet – "Obsessed with this hand cream… Fragrance is amazing! X" – about a certain $20 lotion, the good folk at Anthropologie (the store where she bought it) and Royal Apothic (the brand of cream in question) had a bit of a celebration.

But what about Vicky B fans who aren't in the LA area? Anthropologie's British online store sells a different, though equally fancy, potion for paws; Lollia hand cream (£22). An even posher Posh option is Elizabeth Arden's glorious Eight Hour hand cream (£25 at Boots). Not fussed about fanciness (and have finances to think about)? Try a squirt of Soap & Glory's Hand Food – smells great, costs £2.50 at Boots.