What it takes to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel: diet and training regimes revealed ahead of London show

As the show fast approaches, more Angels and models taking part at the lingerie extravaganza share their preferred work-outs to keep a toned and slender body

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With only five days to go until the world’s biggest lingerie show hits London for the first time, Victoria's Secret models have opened up about their training regime and diet.

Next Tuesday, some of the world’s most beautiful women will showcase the latest lingerie designs from the American underwear label in a spectacular catwalk show. These Angels and models have arguably some of the most sculpted figures in modelling, but their toned bodies don’t come with a lack of hard work it seems. Ahead of the show next week, some of the brand's most famous faces have revealed what they do to stay in shape. And no, it isn’t easy to be an Angel.

Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana, who’s a Victoria’s Secret regular told The Independent: “I have to work out to look the best possible before the show.

Isabeli Fontana walks the runway during the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Sho

“I do a lot of things, because if you do just one thing… like if you run too much everything just gets loose. You lose weight, but you get loose and you want to be strong, have muscles. So, I run for 20 minutes, I do very little weights and lots of local workouts like legs. I do the functional stuff. I go to the gym and do all these things by myself. I don’t have a routine. I like to do new stuff all the times.”

But she also said that the diet is important. “I try to eat right. Every three hours, small portions. It helps to keep you fit.”

Other models taking part in the lingerie extravaganza such as Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Sigrid Agren, Izabel Goulart and Grace Mahary have shared their training secrets, and boxing seems to be the workout of choice for many of the models.

Miranda Kerr, for example, told Lucky Magazine: “I exercise every day, even if it’s just 10 minutes of squats or yoga or lunges or butt lifts.” While Adriana Lima said that boxing is what keeps her in shape. “"I knew I wanted to be healthy and find a workout that would fit my personality. I tried many different things: spinning, aerobics, step, yoga. And then I tried boxing and I loved it; it became my passion. I love that it’s an intense workout, and it’s the best form of cardio. You get toned but not bulky. And it’s not boring," she told DailyBurn.com.

Angel Doutzen Kroes told Vogue: "When I am in NYC I always go for a run outside. But I also do lots of boxing and jump rope training."

Impressively, British model Jourdan Dunn takes a more laid back approach. She revealed to Fox News: "I don’t really do anything, I'm really bad, I'm probably the worst. Cara [Delevingne] and I do nothing.”

But Dunn and Delevingne (the latter hasn’t been confirmed for this year’s show) seem to be an exception: established Angels alongside new faces have taken to social media posting their intensive work-outs, ranging from boxing to ballet, with the hashtag #TrainLikeAnAngel.

This is how they keep a slender physique: