What's the latest in summer style? We'll have to mullet over


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The post-ironic mullet revival was surely one of the more lamentable trends of the past 10 years, but they seem to have now been shorn off, for the most part. Yet the wonky short-at-the-front and long-behind stylings (or Vokuhila, to use German street slang – the guilty provenance of this woeful style) have started cropping up all over the place – on people's clothing, would you fathom it.

Dresses that are cropped at the front and flowing at the back (like the one pictured, from Asos); tunic tops that bare midriffs but cover bums – the mullet is in evidence as a prolific reference right now. The only difference is that, in its heyday, the mullet was known for its "business on top and a party behind" aesthetic, and these skirts are rather different: you've got the skimpy flirty bit first and the more formal drape round the back. A Vokuhila de nos jours, one might say.