Divers, foulers, and World Cup bloopers populate the week's most viewed sports videos on YouTube on Tuesday June 22.

Nigeria's Sani Kaita (not to be confused with the Ivory Coast's own Kader Keïta) soars to number one slot following this clip of an encounter with Greece's Vasilis Torosidis.

The USA's Maurice Edu has a potential match-winning rocket ruled offside, Denmark's Simon Poulsen can't believe his luck after a clearance rebounds into his own net, and Italy's Daniel de Rossi writhes like a wounded foal after being tripped up by a blade of grass.

Elsewhere, Spain's goalkeeper Iker Casillas is interviewed by his girlfriend and FHM's Sexiest Reporter in the World Sara Carbonero.

Bruno Ganz's powerful performance as Adolf Hitler in Downfall is co-opted by internet humorists, subtitles changed into a furious rant about the vuvuzela trumpets popular at World Cup matches, and the wonderful LegoFussball's interpretation of USA vs England.

Nick Vujicic delivers an inspiring message. "At the World Cup, most of the fans around the world will experience the loss of their team, but is losing failing? Failure is not important. How you overcome it is."

1) Nigerian player kung fu kicks Greece player, Kaita sent off - 2,167,440 total views
2) Edu Offsides call v. Slovenia - Disallowed World Cup Goal - 1,513,610 total views
3) USA vs England in Lego - 1,285,822 total views
4) Sara Carbonero interviewing Iker Casillas - 1,054,625 total views
5) Message of hope from Nick Vujicic - 2,519,119 total views
6) Phil Jackson Disses The Celtics "They Know How To Lose" - Lakers Lose Game - 752,620 total views
7) Top 7 Athletes NOT to Sleep With... - 979,908 total views
8) Hitler and the vuvuzela at the 2010 Fifa World Cup - 952,487 views
9) World Cup 2010: Denmark's Own Goal - 706,152 total views
10) Hilarious Daniele De Rossi Diving Italy vs Paraguay FIFA World Cup 2010 - 749,890 total views