First look: the new W

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New editor-in-chief of W magazine Stefano Tonchi, has told WWD what readers can expect from his first issue, which will also be the all-important September one.

"We are going to run with three covers," he told the trade paper. "And then it is a new logo, as much as it looks like the old one, in a new typeface [called] Benton. It's kind of skinny, it's very vertical. It's very elegant and it is italic, with a sense of movement, evolution."

He continued: "Then there is a tag line - that was never a part of W - which I think defines what W stands for. It's not just women's fashion, but the world of style and, more exactly, our five Ws: the who, the what, the where, the when and the why in the world of style.

"And with the main headline, Great Expectations, I wanted to have some self-irony, because there are so many expectations about what this W will be, so it refers to these eight great new girls, but also to the pressure that we feel to satisfy the expectations that people have for the magazine."

Asked whether the new W will indeed be less fashion-focused as rumored, Tonchi said: "From the cover [starring the actresses, Kat Dennings and Jessica Chastain], I would say probably yes... Last year, when I looked at the last September issue - and it's more or less the same issue in terms of pages, we are about 60 pages more this year - there are really 106 pages of fashion pictures. This year, we still have probably more than 60 pages of fashion, but we also have more than 40 pages of stories that are fashionable, but not just pictures of clothes."

Meanwhile, i-D magazine is also making headlines with its September issue, celebrating its 30th anniversary with three covers, starring Kate Moss, Lady Gaga, and Naomi Campbell respectively.