How to get snapped by a street style photographer

GarçonJon reveals what it is that catches his eye

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Getting spotted by street style photographers is, for fashion obsessives at least, the ultimate pat on the back - but it’s by no means an easy feat.

Street style has established itself as a legitimate event outside most Fashion Week venues around the world, but what exactly are these photographers looking for?

Speaking to GQ, Jonathan Daniel Price - the man behind menswear style and fashion blog GarçonJon and award winning street style photographer – reveals what it is that catches his eye.

Fancy getting papped next Fashion Week? Then take heed of Jon's street style etiquette tips.

Wearing something you wouldn't usually could make you look uncomfortable

Don’t dress to please others

"If I think about what my eyes are naturally drawn to, it’s clearly someone who is dressing for themselves," he said.

He says he is drawn to people who feel confident in what they're wearing, in authentic outfits that they'd usually wear.

"During Fashion Week, people who are obviously dressed in something they wouldn’t usually wear look instantly forced and uncomfortable. It’s obvious in the way you carry yourself."

He said a sure sign of this is whether you're making eye contact with people and look relaxed.

Consider your setting

Either fit in, or really, really stand out.

"Harmonising setting and style can create interesting matches," he said. A classic and simple outfit in a minimalist and clean Copenhagen-style setting will match well.

However, if someone is wearing couture while walking past some rubbish trucks, that's so extreme that he'll be up for shooting it.


A well tailored pair of trousers are vital

Wear in your shoes

"I look for shoes that have been worn in - like boots with paint splattered on them that look like your dad gave them to you and they’ve been put to good use."

Get your trousers tailored

Too many wannabe fashionistas are screwing up when it comes to trousers.

"The most common fashion faux-pas, and the easiest one to correct, is the length of your trousers. I see guys in nice suits, expensive or cheap, and they haven’t had the trousers tailored to the length of their legs."

It costs a few pounds at a local tailor to fix, so there's no excuse.

Size up your jacket

If you can't lift your hands above your head you've got a problem.

"With jackets, everyone buys them too small. It’s like the trend of the last the ten years and it’s awful."

He said rules can be broken, but only if you know how to do it properly.

"For example, the shoulder of the jacket has to come off the edge of your shoulder. You can’t have the seam sitting on the shoulder, as it gives a roundedness to the arm hole."

When it comes to jackets, you need to be able to lift your arms up

Don’t follow trends

If you're following the crowds, the street style photographers aren't going to follow you.

"I don’t tend to photograph anyone who looks like they’re following a really obvious trend that shows they’re interested in fashion for fashion’s sake."

Instead, he wants to photograph "a classic piece that will last you".

Wear bold bottoms

"A wider legged pair of trousers or higher waisted trousers look amazing. British men aren’t afraid to try something new. They’re adventurous. And that comes across in the music culture we have here. They love finding new music and that inspires their style."