On September 16, the health advice blog ChickRx details why chemical hair removing creams may be the better choice for you; plus other alternatives to shaving that you might want to try.

According to a Chick Rxpert and dermatologist Lawrence Osman, MD, there are more benefits in using hair removal creams (Nair, Veet, Nad's, Completely Bare) rather than shaving.

"Chemical depilatories can be used as an alternative to waxing, shaving, or other methods of hair removal on most areas of the body" and "...if you have a wart on the area where you'd like to remove hair, you should avoid shaving to help prevent it from spreading," explained Osman.

The main concern with chemical depilatories is that they can cause redness, heat or a rash due to an allergic reaction so it is advised to always test a small patch on dry freshly cleaned skin. Osman and other health sites such as Discovery Health underscore that creams are superior to shaving as they weaken hair follicles, create a smoother feel, slow hair growth, prevent warts from spreading while exfoliating.

In addition to hair removing creams, shaving, waxing, and tweezing, you might want to try the more-humane, gentler, non-chemical alternatives to tweezing such as threading and waxing with sugaring.

Threading is most popular for grooming eyebrows, considered the healthiest option because no chemicals are applied, plus it can be done very fast and can damage hair follicles preventing hair growth. Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBhboBYxHPA

Sugaring requires the use of a warm paste made with sugar, water and lemon juice and is supposedly more gentle on the skin than waxing and can be reapplied easily. See it in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nke0RFeO3NE