Baby, it’s cold outside - Spa at home products

Feeling the effects of an over-indulgent festive season?

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With the festive season nearly over and the dark, cold weather sticking around for some time yet, it can feel like a rather bleak time of the year. All that over-indulging and a few too many late nights can often mean that the immune system takes a hit, which is all the more reason to invest in some much-needed TLC.

While an afternoon of being preened and pampered by a professional in the serene environment of a swish spa sounds appealing, it may not go down too well with your post-Christmas purse-tightening exercises. Instead, some do-it-yourself solutions at home are ideal for this time of year.

However, DIY doesn’t have to mean inferior quality, especially when most spas use products that can be purchased in shops and for much less than the cost of a treatment. Look to iconic spa brands for an authentic experience. The Detoxifying Salt Scrub from ESPA is just what the doctor ordered to give skin an invigorating boost, post-partying. Bath devotees will be well versed with the merits of a steaming hot tub when the mercury drops, and the market is full of all manner of lotions and potions to improve the experience. Similarly, candles are a welcome addition to the home all year round, but winter calls for warmer scents. The aptly titled Knackered Cow Relaxing Room Candle by Cowshed is a blend of lavender and eucalyptus to promote a calming environment.


If your skincare routine has been overlooked at Christmas, face masks are the intensive solution required to get things back on track. Oilier skin-types should opt for deep a cleanser, such as Grown Alchemist’s version, while more sensitive skins will suit a moisture boost. And don’t forget hair, which is most likely suffering from a spate of over-preening. Apply a hair oil such as Tresemme’s Oil Elixir, which will give it back its mojo, just in time for spring.