Layer sheepskins across your rocking chair for a luxurious feel. You can fake exposed walls with faux concrete and wood coverings, £40/sq metre, from <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Keep yourself warm and snug in the long winter months

At this time of year, even those who like a contemporary urban feel to their homes start to seek out a cosier vibe. If you’re looking to make a space warmer and more welcoming as the nights draw in, but want to avoid a twee, country feel, it’s worth checking out Modern Rustic, a book by stylist Emily Henson and writer Joanna Simmons.

Rustic no longer means furniture made from logs, tartan cushions and gingham curtains. The style has had a modern makeover and is all about reclaimed wood, exposed bricks, earthy colours and rich, natural textures like wool, linen and sheepskin.

According to Henson, one of the appeals of the style is that it is so versatile. “Rustic style works well across any type of property, from 1960s blocks to urban flats and country houses,” she says. “You can do major things such as stripping back walls to the brickwork or installing a reclaimed kitchen.

“But if you’re renting or just want to experiment a little, you can do much simpler things, too. Faux effect wallpapers work well and layering furniture with lots of throws, rugs and sheepskins is a great way to get the rustic feel.”