Are you size lovely or stunning?

Shopping can be hard - how is it possible to buy something in a size 10 in one shop, go into another next door and find yourself unable to fit into a size 14? (It happened.)

And thanks to societal pressure on women to be a certain dress size, finding you don’t fit into a particular number can be upsetting.

But one clothing brand is hoping to do away with this stress with its sizing definitions: instead of numbers, Neon Moon’s lingerie comes in sizes Lovely, Gorgeous, Beautiful, Fabulous and Stunning.


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So if you go up from Beautiful to Fabulous, or down from Gorgeous to Lovely, how could that be a bad thing? 

It’s hoped the sizes will empower women.

“Most of the time people are reduced down to a mere number on a measuring tape, and at Neon Moon we recognize that so much pressure is placed on people to fit a certain size, a certain norm,” founder and CEO Hayat Rachi told Bustle.

“But why not compliment yourself and say, ‘Hell yeah I’m a size beautiful!’ rather than judge yourself on whether you’ve gained or lost inches — it’s about having fun in a body positive way.”

The British brand places emphasis on being body positive and feminist, and with this in mind, potential customers are encouraged to measure themselves using a print-out ruler from the website.

However, Neon Moon have shared a reminder: “Measuring your body is a mindful and body positive process. Your self-worth is not defined by any number on a measuring tape. You are beautiful whatever size you are.”

What’s more, if the process causes issues for people with eating disorders or body-confidence problems, they’re encouraged to let the brand know.

“We have had people suffering from EDs email in, but also transgender and non-binary people who have been affected and need that personal touch,” says Rachi. 

“Our emails are a safe space for everyone, [where you can] get the dedicated help and time from our amazing Neon Moon team. We treat every person individually [...] So far, everyone who has emailed in we have helped, and they have placed an order that they’ve loved.”


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Of course, measuring yourself can be a bit of a faff and not everyone has a printer, so Neon Moon have included a sizing-chart online too.

Although the brand has received much praise for their sizing system, they originally also provoked anger for only offering lingerie up to a size 16.

Now, however, this has been remedied, with items available up to size 24 - or Stunning.


Of course, eliminating sizing by traditional standards is not going to change the way women feel about their bodies, but it could be a step in the right direction by encouraging us to really believe all sizes are beautiful. And fabulous. And gorgeous.