Many brands offer free matching of bikini or lingerie tops and bottoms, because an 'S'-sized bust doesn't necessarily mean an 'S' hip and vice versa. But up until now, lingerie labels neglected the fact that women can actually have breasts that are two different sizes.

With a new bra, low-budget brand Fruit of the Loom wants to solve just that problem, allowing women to choose the right and left cup of their bra individually for $5 each.

Available on, the models come with an extensive sizing guide and in many different colors and patterns, and the two cups you choose can be easily attached and closed in the front.

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Real innovations in bra design don't happen very often. Since the bra's creation in the late 19th century, it didn't change drastically during the past century, apart from more elastic material that was introduced in the 1930s. In more recent times, the Wonderbra push-up, the ShockAbsorber sports bra, and maternity/nursing bras are among of the best-known innovations, and recently, there has been some talk about bras specially designed to avoid wrinkle-building while you sleep (

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