Hair to dye for: Rebecca Armstrong's little sister, Lucy


I'm not sure why I clicked on the email entitled "Back to school with Colour B4". I'm not working on anything to do with back-to-school essentials, must-haves or even might-possible-be-quite-usefuls. But the press release within detailed a product – Colour B4, £9.99, an at-home hair-dye remover ideal for sorting out school-holiday hair experiments – that would have been essential at the beginning of the spring term.

After I'd given my little sister, Lucy, some "wash out" (insert your own hollow laugh here) red hair dye for Christmas. And helped her apply it. And then merrily wended my way back to London to leave Lucy, and my folks, to deal with the ire of her school when she went back in with a distinctly pink coiffure.

Bad big sister alert. Get yours at: