Brazilian beauty is about more than just wax

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Brazil's bikini waxing is world-famous, but who knew that the country is the world's largest market for hair dye and, soon, perfumery?

According to an interview published by Premium Beauty News, Brazil is on the advance, preparing to replace the US as the world's main consumer of fragrances.

"In 2008, Brazil had already a 10.7% market share worldwide," João Carlos Basílio, president of Brazilian Toiletry, Perfumery and Cosmetic Association, ABIHPEC, told the news site. "The United States had 16.1%.

"In 2009, the weight of the US market has probably decreased while Brazil's contribution should have progressed to 12% or 13%. We anticipate because [...] these data are not consolidated yet, but I can dare to say that we are nowadays the largest fragrance market in the world."

Brazil is also the biggest market for hair dye and conditioner in the world, says Basílio, with one out of five conditioners sold here.

According to his figures, lip products are the largest make-up market in the country, closely followed by eye products. Both categories have had double-digit growth over the past years, and Basílio predicts the same increase for the overall cosmetics industry in his home country for at least the coming five years.