Fancy shaking your thing to Olivia Newton-John's "Xanadu"? In certain clubs dotted around the country it is the most requested song to end the night. Fashion is also taking huge strides in this Seventies trash direction. A Halston revival is under way, blonde Barbie-like hair is swinging, low-shine satin shirts are opened to the mid-riff, and spindly name necklaces are flying out of Ratners.

But what of the shoes? Patrick Cox has the answer. His new advert features one such glamorous lady doing up the kind of shoes Tony Manero (Travolta's character in Staying Alive) would have loved.

Cox's new collection went on sale last Monday, and fashion aficionados should be making room on their credit cards in preparation now. And if your shoe budget is limited, wait for the copies which will inevitably appear in a shoe shop near you soon. The shoes are available in a selection of styles: a T-bar version, court shoes, and an ankle boot.

'Pleated' disco dolly shoes, pounds 192, available in brown to beige and black to grey tones from the Patrick Cox mainline collection, 8 Symons Street, London SW3 or call 0171-730-8886.