Buy Me: The M & S Kelly bag

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THIS BAG is not from Prada; nor is it a Kelly bag from Hermes. It did not cost the equivalent of a second-hand car. This bag - with just enough room for a lipstick, a powder compact and your front door keys - is from Marks & Spencer. The price? pounds 13.

Understandable, then, that it is not lined, or even leather. It does not boast weeks of workmanship. On closer inspection, the zip looks cheap and glitzy. But carry it with a little suit from Prada and who would know? Even teamed with a high street outfit it would still look like the sort of bag that cost half-an-arm and half-a-leg.

It is certainly the best bag to have come out of M&S and would look equally at home on the arm of some groovy young night-time chick as it would on the Queen. In short, it is the perfect little bag that everyone should have.

And unlike the limited edition Hermes Kelly bag, there is not a waiting list. It is available now fron your nearest M & S.

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