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The trend for tagging the word "super" on to a variety of desirable objects continues, this time with good reason: the SuperWhistle is the loudest in the world - our ears are still ringing - and the only one that works underwater.

It was originally touted as a watersports whistle, useful for wayward windsurfers and swimmers, but we have discovered a new use - as a rape alarm. Most women who carry rape alarms keep them in their handbags or pockets, where they are difficult to get to, especially in a panic. The SuperWhistle is different - you can wear it around your neck. If you feel threatened, just put your lips together and blow - it is as simple as that.

The SuperWhistle comes in three ultra-fashionable colours - the ubiquitous black, fluorescent yellow and sunrise orange. It is the only rape alarm that can be described as a fashion statement and makes a perfect Christmas stocking filler. If you have a teenage daughter, the SuperWhistle will be an added boon. Not only can she wear it to a Take That concert, where whistle-blowing is de rigueur, but you know that she will be safer on the way home, too.

The SuperWhistle is available exclusively from Spycatcher, 25g Lowndes Street, London SW1. Also available through mail order, 071-245 9445 Price: £15.

Melanie Rickey