In an interview with Elle magazine, 5ft 11inch Dalbesio was described as "surprisingly" a plus size model / Calvin Klein

The model behind the plus size backlash speaks out in candid interview

Myla Dalbesio hit the headlines last month after being cast to star in the new Calvin Klein campaign, following an interview with Elle magazine she was described as a "plus size" model.

What followed was public outrage with social media users enraged that Dalbesio, a UK size 14 could be classified as "plus size".

In the aftermath of the media frenzy, Dalbesio, 27, has spoken out in an interview with Yahoo about the controversy surrounding her career.

"It has been hard. I can never figure out where I fit in, and I'm always making someone mad. I'm not skinny-skinny, but I'm not fat and fabulous either. I'm a size 10 [US]."

Dalbesio has spoken candidly about her struggles to fit in the industry, initially on beginning her career at 16 trying to lose weight suffering from bulimia and taking Adderall, before later trying to gain pounds via drinking protein shakes.

"It was confusing to me to be labeled 'plus size' I thought, 'I shop at normal stores'. It's so f*cked up the way the fashion world is structured."


Whilst the backlash coincided with Dalbesio's debut in the Calvin Klein campaign, this was something that the brand never publicised, instead launching the campaign without making any distinctions, a point that Dalbesio is keen to reaffirm:

"A lot of brands go for shock value, they say, 'we booked a girl who is so noticeably not a size 0 and aren't we great?' What Calvin did was radical. They didn't book someone who was so large and didn't make a huge announcement. They just booked a normal girl."