Just in time for the holidays, the luxury brand has released a new series of scents called Les Heures du Parfum (English: The Hours of Perfume), following labels such as Chanel (Les Exclusifs) and Hermès (Hermèssences) into high-end perfume collections.

Five inaugural fragrances of the final thirteen were released at Saks Fifth Avenue in the US in November, with international Cartier boutiques following this month.

The first five scents stand for 'I' or 'L'Heure Promise' (The Promising Hour; smells of iris and sandalwood), 'VI' or 'L'Heure Brillante' (The Shining Hour; notes of lemon and gin), 'X' or 'L'Heure Folle' (The Crazy Hour; blackcurrant and blueberry), 'XII' or 'L'Heure Mystérieuse' (The Mysterious Hour; jasmine and patchouli), and finally 'XIII' or 'La Treizième Heure' (The Thirteenth Hour; narcissus and maté).

Two more will hit the market in non-chronological order each following year. 'Les Heures du Parfum' by Cartier sells exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue and international Cartier boutiques for €224.